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Currently, FullStro is optimized for online use. However, we are exploring the development of offline capabilities to enhance our service offerings.

We are in active discussions with Wix and Squarespace to explore potential integrations. Additionally, we're developing our own website builder to further streamline the process, which we plan to introduce in future updates.

FullStro is a comprehensive multichannel shipping software designed for e-commerce businesses. It offers essential shipping features like bulk shipping and automated rules, along with advanced 'Power Features' such as inventory control, automated shipping, and multichannel reporting. These features are tailored to help sellers efficiently scale their operations without the need for multiple additional tools.

FullStro supports a wide range of e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping carriers, and 3PL providers. You can find a complete list of our integrations on our website, fullstro.com.

Absolutely! Our comprehensive documentation includes both written and video guides to help you get started. If you need further assistance, our customer support team is available via live chat or email at [email protected].

Yes, FullStro is integrated with major shipping carriers like FedEx, DHL, and USPS, enabling users to create shipping orders directly within our system.

FullStro is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of various business types, including niche markets. It is particularly effective for businesses operating multiple stores or channels.

FullStro is designed by expert developers to streamline e-commerce operations, particularly in inventory and order management. Its synchronized data system minimizes errors and enhances operational efficiency.

Yes, FullStro's inventory management system includes a dashboard that highlights low-stock items and allows you to set custom stock alerts.

An inventory management system is crucial for efficiently managing stock levels and supplies. FullStro offers modern features that enhance business operations by providing detailed insights into orders, deliveries, and sales.

Customers can track their orders using the shipping label provided by the selected shipping carrier.

At this time, FullStro does not directly support rerouting shipments in transit. The ability to reroute packages is dependent on the policies and capabilities of the shipping carrier being used. Some carriers offer a reroute option, but may charge additional fees, have restrictions, or do not guarantee successful rerouting. Enabling in-transit rerouting requires building complex integrations with carrier systems that are subject to change as regulations and carrier policies evolve. Given the logistical challenges and carrier dependencies, we are still exploring the scenarios and feasibility of reliably supporting in-transit shipment rerouting within FullStro. Our priority is providing a seamless experience for the core shipment workflows our customers depend on. As we continue developing FullStro's shipping capabilities, we will evaluate where in-transit rerouting makes sense to invest in versus other enhancements that may benefit more users. Please feel free to provide any feedback on your shipment rerouting needs, or reach out to our support team if you have a specific rerouting request to discuss options.

Yes, FullStro includes features for monitoring financial statements, helping you keep track of profits, losses, and inventory capital.

Yes, our inventory management software allows for tracking across multiple locations.

We are currently assessing the feasibility of managing notifications and supply chain disruptions, which involve various external third-party factors beyond our control. Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have a specific notifications request to discuss options.

While FullStro currently doesn't offer direct integration with QuickBooks for inventory management, we are open to feature requests. You can email us at [email protected] to discuss potential integrations.

At the moment, we don't have a definite plan for integrating Magento with Adobe Commerce, but we will consider it based on user input. You can track our progress on the development roadmap in Trello using the following link https://trello.com/b/JF0aj6HF/fullstrocom-roadmap.

To link Shopify, you'll need an Admin API key from your Shopify admin dashboard. We're updating our documentation to include detailed steps for obtaining this key.

We anticipate completing Amazon integration by Q3 of 2024, including tracking for both FBA and FBM inventory.

FullStro is designed to handle complex inventory and shipping scenarios. While we currently don't integrate with Royal Mail, we recommend setting up a demo account to explore FullStro's capabilities in relation to your specific needs. For further assistance, feel free to contact us.

We continuously gather customer feedback to prioritize new features and integrations. ShippyPro is on our radar, and we'll explore its integration based on customer demand.

We do not offer a white-label option at this time.

Add-on pricing is available in the Add-on module after signing up. Estimated prices are $8 monthly, $80 yearly, and $200 for a lifetime deal per add-on.

Team members may infer that FullStro was purchased through AppSumo due to the lifetime deal and code stacking feature.

Yes, FullStro can operate independently of third-party channel integrations like Shopify or WooCommerce.

Yes, FullStro can be connected to POS systems for seamless operation in pop-up store settings.

We plan to integrate with UK-specific services such as Square, Evri, and Royal Mail. If you have additional suggestions, please let us know.

FullStro does not impose limits on SKUs or orders.

Add-on integrations refer to third-party services that can be integrated with FullStro, such as marketplace, shipping, and payment integrations.

We haven't planned for Activepieces integration yet, but we're open to considering it based on user interest.

We are currently developing webhook support and will provide updates soon.

We plan to start integrating Shopee and Lazada APIs after May 2024.

Importing AliExpress listings is not currently supported, but it's under consideration for future updates.

Yes, FullStro supports the B2B Import/Export business model and allows for the creation of custom measurement units, making it suitable for tracking commodities and products.

FullStro supports RTL languages, including Arabic, facilitating business operations in the Middle East and Africa. We appreciate any feedback on language translations and are happy to make necessary adjustments.

Yes, FullStro can effectively manage inventories across multiple warehouses worldwide.

We are planning to introduce options for extending warehouse limits through add-ons, which will be available soon.

While we currently don't have plans for KonnectzIT and Selldone integrations, we may consider them based on user demand.

Square integration is not in our current roadmap, but we are open to adding it based on user interest. Pabbly Connect integration is coming soon. FullStro already includes POS and payment systems, and we're continuously updating our platform. You can track our progress on our Trello roadmap at https://trello.com/b/JF0aj6HF/fullstrocom-roadmap.

Pabbly connections will be considered as add-on integrations within FullStro.

Yes, FullStro allows for the processing of purchase returns.

Yes, additional add-ons can be purchased on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis through the add-ons module in FullStro.

The AppSumo lifetime deal is exclusive and cannot be stacked with codes on existing non-AppSumo plans.

We welcome feature requests and are open to considering the addition of CRM tools. Please email us at [email protected] with your suggestions.

Currently, language options are controlled internally, but we plan to add Mandarin and Polish based on your request.

We are discussing the possibility of including user access limitations based on warehouse location.

Yes, we have future plans to integrate with Walmart.

eBay integration is expected to be live by the end of March 2024. You can follow our progress on our public Trello roadmap at https://trello.com/b/JF0aj6HF/fullstrocom-roadmap.

FullStro supports detailed product uploads, including attributes, tags, categories, images, and descriptions, with two-way synchronization for WooCommerce.

Add-on integrations in FullStro refer to additional services that can be integrated, such as marketplace platforms (e.g., WooCommerce, Shopify), shipping services (e.g., FedEx), and payment gateways (e.g., Stripe, PayPal). These are available alongside our core features, with more planned in our roadmap.

Currently, FullStro does not include a supplier panel feature.

Yes, FullStro allows for the processing of invoice/sale returns.

We do not currently have a Shopify app, but we offer two-way integration with Shopify. We are planning to develop a Shopify app in the future.

Yes, FullStro allows for a comprehensive two-way sync with Shopify, including all product details like tags, categories, images, and descriptions.

We are considering developing a Shopify app for FullStro and will keep our users updated on our progress.