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Connecting eBay

1. To connect eBay, please move over to the addon integrations module and press “Connect” on eBay.

2. Once clicked, you should be prompted to make the payment and subscribe to the addon.

3. After clicking on the “Connect” button, you will be asked to provide your Store nickname, marketplace, RUName, Client ID, Client Secret.

4. Now go to the eBay account & follow these steps.

Step: 1

For creating a new account go to and click on

Step: 2

Register here with valid data.

Step: 3

Click Create a keyset in the production section.

Step: 4

Click here.

Step: 5

Register here with valid data.

And confirm 

Finally, Submit 

Step 6: 

Go to the Application keysets

Step: 7

You will get a Client ID  and Client Secret.

Step: 8

Go to User Access Tokens

Step: 9

You have to fill in the Display Title, Accept URL, and OAuth checkbox.  

Accept URL will be your domain name (example: )  / ebay-verify

Finally accept URL:

Step: 10 

Now you need to copy and paste (RuName, Client ID, Client Secret) to Connect eBay. 

6. Now your eBay store is connected to FullStro and you will be able to upload products, view orders and control your eBay store from FullStro.